If the employer ends the contract it is a dismissal. However a dismissal will also occur if an employer simply fails to renew a contract for a fixed period when that period comes to an end.

Unless an employee is contracted to work for only a specific fixed period or their contract provides for circumstances that automatically end it, their employment can usually only be terminated by either them or their employer giving a period of notice.

Unfair Dismissal

An employee who has completed more than two continuous years of employment is protected by law from unfair dismissal.  An employee who has completed the qualifying period of continuous employment can only be fairly dismissed for the prescribed potentially fair reasons.

The Employment Rights Act 1996 sets out the circumstances where an employee can be treated as dismissed for the purposes of an unfair dismissal claim.

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Wrongful Dismissal

Wrongful dismissal is dismissal in breach of contract.

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Constructive Dismissal

In certain circumstances an employee may resign and be able to bring a claim for constructive dismissal.

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Retirement and Redundancy are also dismissals.

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