Employment Law Advice

If you have an employment law issue you can find information in the Employment Law Guide. If you think you could have an employment tribunal claim, you should seek further legal advice.

Use the Employment Law Guide to find employment law information.

Employment Law Guide

Find what you are looking for using the search box, or scroll down the A to Z list of employment law topics and click to read more.

Employment Law Guide

Employment Tribunals

If you have an employment law issue which you believe could give you grounds to make an employment tribunal claim, you should seek further legal advice.

Strict time limits apply to bringing an employment tribunal claim.

Employment Tribunals

Settlement Agreements

If you are going to be dismissed or made redundant and your employer has asked you to sign an employment settlement agreement, you must seek independent legal advice before you sign it, and your employers will usually pay for you to seek legal advice.

Employment Settlement Agreement

Employment Lawyers

Bishopsgate Law Solicitors

Bishopsgate Law employment lawyers provide independent legal advice about employment settlement agreements, and represent employees and employers at Employment Tribunals.

Find out how Bishopsgate Law can help you:

Employment Law Solicitors

Settlement Agreement Advice

Employment Tribunal Solicitors

Employment Law For Employers

HR Help For Employers

Employer Support At Lawrite Lawshop

Lawrite annual subscriptions are used by business owners, managers, and in-house HR professionals to ensure they have up to date employment law document templates – including contracts of employment and employee handbooks with essential HR policies and procedures – and detailed law guides to work with.

Lawrite Lawshop

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