HR Letters For Employers

Templates for HR letters can help employers deal with legal and HR issues including disciplinary and grievance procedures, performance reviews, redundancy, contract amendment, maternity leave and flexible working.

Templates For HR Letters

If you are an employer you will find you need templates for employment law letters and HR letters, to send to your employees when you have to deal with many employment law and HR issues.

For example, you may need to deal with applications under the right to apply for flexible working arrangements. Handle a grievance raised by an employee. Or to carry out disciplinary action including warnings, to dismiss an employee, or to make staff redundant.

When you are carrying out a disciplinary procedure, which can lead to a dismissal, it is important to make sure the procedure is fair and it is a good idea to document it so you can show it was carried out fairly.

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Employers that subscribe to Lawrite services get template letters to deal with disciplinary, grievance and redundancy procedures and many more, including, contract amendment letters, letters to deal with maternity leave, and shared parental leave.

Lawrite subscriptions also include templates for contracts of employment, and for an employee handbook with HR policies and procedures, law guides and health and safety policies.

You can find out about Lawrite subscriptions for employers at the Lawrite Lawshop.

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