Employment Tribunals

Employment tribunals are a system of courts that have authority to deal with a number of different types of employment law claims and disputes arising between an employer and their employees. Tribunals (originally known as industrial tribunals) are part of the court system like the courts that hear civil and criminal cases. Tribunals are aContinue reading “Employment Tribunals”

Grievance Procedure

An employer should provide a clear grievance procedure for where workers have problems or concerns about their work, working environment or working relationships that they wish to raise and have addressed. A grievance procedure provides a mechanism for problems and concerns to be dealt with fairly and speedily, before they develop into major problems andContinue reading “Grievance Procedure”

Disciplinary Procedure

In order to fairly dismiss an employee for a breach of discipline an employer should have in place a disciplinary procedure. The procedure should comply with the ACAS guidelines in its Code of Practice on Disciplinary and Grievance Procedures. If the procedure is not used, the dismissal will almost certainly be judged unfair by anContinue reading “Disciplinary Procedure”

Employment Settlement Agreement

An employment settlement agreement is a binding written agreement between an employee and employer where the employee agrees to settle a claim that they have, or potentially have, against their employer. Apart from a settlement reached in a conciliation by ACAS or a mediation by ACAS or the tribunal, an employee’s claim to an employmentContinue reading “Employment Settlement Agreement”