Employment Tribunals

Employment tribunals hear cases and make decisions on matters to do with employment law, including unfair dismissal, redundancy payments, discrimination and claims relating to wages and other payments. Employment Tribunal Claims Employment tribunals are a system of courts that have authority to deal with a number of different types of employment law claims and disputesContinue reading “Employment Tribunals”

Grievance Procedure

Workers with problems or concerns they wish to raise and have addressed can use their employer’s grievance procedure. Problems at work An employer should provide a clear grievance procedure for where workers have problems or concerns about their work, working environment or working relationships that they wish to raise and have addressed. The procedure providesContinue reading “Grievance Procedure”

Disciplinary Procedure

An employer’s rules for disciplinary decisions should be set out in a disciplinary procedure which should be used before an employee is dismissed to show the dismissal was fair. Disciplinary Rules To be able to fairly dismiss an employee for a breach of discipline an employer should have in place a disciplinary procedure. If theContinue reading “Disciplinary Procedure”