Holidays And Employment Law

There is a statutory minimum entitlement to paid holidays in each leave year under the Working Time Regulations. Paid Annual Leave Workers are entitled to a statutory minimum amount of paid annual leave in each leave year of 5.6 weeks or pro-rata up to a maximum of 28 days.  A week’s paid leave means theContinue reading “Holidays And Employment Law”

Absence From Work Rights

Find out about reasons the law allows employees to be absent from work. Annual leave, sickness, and other reasons for absence. Absence From Work An employee’s absence from work is often the basis for disputes between employers and their staff. A fundamental concept of employment is that an employee works for their employer at theContinue reading “Absence From Work Rights”

Working Time Regulations

The Working Time Regulations set out the limits on how long most workers can work in a week, rights to rest periods, days off, annual leave. Working Time Limits The Working Time Regulations 1998, implemented the 1993 EC Working Time Directive into English law, with subsequent amending legislation. The Working Time Regulations apply to mostContinue reading “Working Time Regulations”