Employment Settlement Agreement

An employment settlement agreement is a binding written agreement between an employee and employer where the employee agrees to settle a claim that they have, or potentially have, against their employer. Apart from a settlement reached in a conciliation by ACAS or a mediation by ACAS or the tribunal, an employee’s claim to an employmentContinue reading “Employment Settlement Agreement”

Contract Of Employment

A contract of employment can arise when one party agrees with another that they will personally undertake work for the other, which they will be paid to do by the other. The contract can be made verbally, or in writing, by exchange of letters, by a formal written agreement, or it can be implied byContinue reading “Contract Of Employment”

What Is Employment?

For there to be employment there must be a contract of service where the employer controls how, when and where the work is done. Usually the work is done on the employer’s premises using the employer’s tools and materials. It is a relationship “of service” as opposed to someone agreeing to provide services as inContinue reading “What Is Employment?”