Coronavirus And Employment Law

The coronavirus pandemic in 2020 has had an impact on employment law and health and safety law in the UK, with changes to the law on Statutory Sick Pay and Annual Leave, and new obligations on employers to ensure workplaces are made COVID-secure. Statutory Sick Pay The law on Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) has beenContinue reading “Coronavirus And Employment Law”

Health And Safety Statement

All employers of more than five people must have a written health and safety statement setting out their general health and safety policy, and the organisation and arrangements for carrying out this policy. The employer must also bring the statement and revisions of it to the attention of employees. To comply with the law fully,Continue reading “Health And Safety Statement”

Health and Safety

An employer has a general duty to take reasonable care to avoid injury, disease or death occurring to their employees at work.  In particular employers must provide: A safe place of work with safe means of access and egress; Safe appliances and equipment and plant for doing the work; A safe system of work; CompetentContinue reading “Health and Safety”