HR Letters For Employers

Templates for HR letters can help employers deal with legal and HR issues including disciplinary and grievance procedures, performance reviews, redundancy, contract amendment, maternity leave and flexible working. Templates For HR Letters If you are an employer you will find you need templates for employment law letters and HR letters, to send to your employeesContinue reading “HR Letters For Employers”

Employee Handbook

In an employee handbook an employer can set out their legal and HR policies and procedures including their conduct rules, disciplinary and grievance procedures, absence from work and sick pay policies, and their health and safety policy. Staff Handbook An employee handbook is really important to a business because it can communicate the employer’s legal,Continue reading “Employee Handbook”

Contract Of Employment

The employment contract can be made verbally, or in writing, by exchange of letters, by a formal written agreement, or it can be implied by the actions of the parties. Employment Contract A contract of employment can arise when one party agrees with another that they will personally undertake work for the other, which theyContinue reading “Contract Of Employment”